Accelerate to close

Create, negotiate, and close

in one place

Spend more time on deal making, and less on process
Seamlessly find what you're looking for with advanced navigation tools
Word-like functionality and security meets Docs-like collaboration
Confidence and control over every version

Take email out of the negotiation

Simply define and manage roles and permissions on both sides of the table

Lock your final version of the document and securely pass it to the counter-party with a single click

Counter-party can only view the version you pass, keeping all of your internal collaboration private and confidential


Maneuver and comprehend even the most challenging documents

Navigate documents and never get lost with Minimap

Hover over key terms for a quick-view definition

View dependent clauses in line without losing your place

Prioritized search for faster results


Boost productivity without sacrificing security

Edit on your own or collaborate with your team. Changes, comments, and history are securely viewable by your team and not the other side

ControlBar shortcuts unlock lightning-fast editing and actions

SmartLink ensures formatting and numbering stay consistent throughout your document when changes are made


Never lose control of the master version

Track changes between versions to instantly know what's changed

View versions side-by-side so no need to hunt for the one from last week

Set permissions and control edits within your team. View edit history by team member

Your edits are private, ensuring confidentiality from your counter-party

New versions are stored automatically with user-defined names

Designed to improve your workflow

Start from a Word file or PDF and perfectly preserve your formatting
Export to PDF redline or clean Word doc with a single click
Quickly send versions of the same document to multiple parties and track progress
Protecting your sensitive files in the cloud is a top priority. Our advanced security controls satisfy the most stringent compliance requirements